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Offbeat/Cool iOS Games

The unique creativity is always the most important point in game design. The developers have always been serious and inexhaustible in the pursuit of the highlights. Therefore, the creative games for iOS platform appear one after another in an endless stream. This gave the player with infinite pleasure, and also brought diversity to the game industry. However, if one insists on the creative road to be non-general, then he/she should have a strong mind filled with fresh ideas to support.

If one wants to create a game with amazing effect, then he/she should also have a strong heart for support. Anyway, those apps which go a little forked from creative are not a hate. Their style maybe offbeat or the playing is a little torture, but these can not erase the deep memory that these highlighted offbeat games have once left in the player’s heart.

Compared to the moving and long-term memory those classic games have left us, the offbeat games contain the reversal of one’s ability to accept and thinking. Because of this, the offbeat/cool games always let one have the impulse for a try. Here in this post, you can find some unusual cool games for iOS. If you want to have a different experience in playing games, then read on to check these different types of iOS games now!

Offbeat Games for iOS Devices

1. 100 Floors  (Free)

This is a game which has ranked first after being shelved on App Store for just a few days. The objective of the game is to make the game player to leave no stone unturned to open the elevator door and then go to the higher floors. Since the method for passing the test on each floor is different, players have to use different tools to pass the barrier. So, even this free game is extremely simple from the screen to the contents, it still attracts numerous players.

2. Hanger  ($0.99)

This is quite a different type of clearance game which transplanted from Flash Version. This game has a more convenient operation and more delicate picture on iOS platform. The game play is quite different that players need to control different little guys to swing to the end with a rope. But these litter guys are very brittle that a little bump will let them decapitations. So, players have to pay attention to all obstacles in the air.

3. Billy the Painter ($0.99)

This is an offbeat casual game. In this game, players should fill in the color pigments over where once no color. But as a bitter painter, players once paint a point on a piece of wood, the pigment will spread to a certain extent. The pigment will not continue to spread once touch the edge at any point. And the game is also over. The score is rightly based on the area the pigment filled. So, there is no definition of failure on this game.

4. Bad Hotel  ($1.99)

The wonderful point of this game located at the offbeat audio-visual effects as well as the real tower defense concept of changing from the offensive to the defensive. Different tower attack in the game will create its own music with unique features. With the defensive towers different in the collocation and numbers, kinds of offbeat audio-visual enjoyments will be brought to players. What’s more, the defense towers are not constructed surrounding the main base, but built on the main base.

5. Toybox ($0.99)

This game appears to be very common. The play is indeed ordinary. It is just a shooting and elimination game. But the premise is this game enables two games at the same time. The screen is divided into two regions. The left is a shooting game, game player needs to destroy the invading aircraft and avoiding barrages. The right is a simple elimination game which can add power for aircraft once success. It sounds simple, but it is still a challenge for playing. Of course, you can try it on your iPad if your fingers are long enough.

OK, that’s all about the cool iOS apps. Once you want to experience an offbeat game play with your iOS devices, then these offbeat apps would be your good choices.

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